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Insurance rate increases

Since January 1, 2023, a significant and widespread increase in insurance contributions has been noted on all insurance products, an increase ranging from 5 to 35%. Very often, companies do not really take the time to explain to their policyholders the causes of these increases or even announce them for better anticipation. So in the face of incomprehension, one question remains: "but why have my insurance rates increased so much?

We will try to explain to you the causes of this increase while offering you some tips for saving some money.

  1. Inflation, primary cause of price increases

  2. Increasingly frequent claims and payment defaults

  3. Increase of the amount of the obligatory contribution to the Guarantee Fund for victims of acts of terrorism and other offenses

What to do about these increases?

You must first compare elsewhere and if necessary cancel!

When the pricing conditions change, you have the option of refusing the new pricing conditions unless your contract provides for a contribution review clause.

Indeed, the law provides for the possibility of canceling when insurance contributions increase, but most insurers have inserted clauses into their contracts which give them the possibility of revise upwards the premiums claimed from the insured. The Insurance Code remains fairly silent on this issue. It is therefore imperative to refer to the general conditions of the contract subscribed. Very often, a provision can be dedicated to the question of increasing contributions. In this case, it is common to also find the possibility for the insured to terminate the contract for the same reason.

Individuals and professionals, our insurance brokerage firm supports you in finding the best pricing conditions. We will provide you with FREE, NO-OBLIGATION comparative quotes and terminate your contract with your former insurer. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PAY, we are paid by the insurer!

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